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Starseed Chaos Conscious Eating Group

Starseed Chaos Conscious Eating Group

Welcome to the virtual science lab of a lifetime! In this forum, we will explore the science of cellular health, specefic to the melanin-rich community. Within this Tribe, we honor the science there there are only 2 food groups. Acid, which lacks oxygen and alkaline which carries oxygen. Over 95% of the most popular foods & beverages are acidic. Brining real merrit to the reality, that food can be a drug. Espesh when your living to eat...


Food can also be fuel. Starseed Chaos Conscious Eating Group is founded on the scientific studies of Dr. Sebi. In this forum, we will explore the science behind bringing air to our body, chakras & soul. Look forward to exploring the follwoing:


* What foods are acid & which are alkaline?

* What does acid/alkalinity do to our blood, organs and cells and DNA?

* How do our favorite foods effect our psyche & behavior?


 This virtual club is the dopest scientific look at what's happening within us. We believe the process of awakening should feel good. Welcome home!!! Enjoy your journey. And remember, being in this forum is a part of the work of our journey. However, it's not the journey itself.


Love and light.


Forum for this month will open October 1, 2020 & close April 31, 2020.


*** Please note joining this  group each 30 days you requires the donation of $25 . Upon recieving payment, you will recieve a new providing virtual access. After the 10th of each month, the forums/virtual class will no longer be open for enrollment. Thank you

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