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Mars In The 12th House

Am I the only human Mars is fuq'n with!? If u follow me online, ur already well aware of my struggles. If not, hop on IG and follow _HelloMyNameIsAngela. I'm currently hitting reset on all my personal relationships, so we can interact w/eachother in a peaceful way.

I attract messages from the divine mostly thru meditation & dance on a daily basis. When shit gets tough, the Universe talks my ear off. Thx 2 my relationship w/the divine, I make peace w/my reality, then shift up 2 remedies. Maintinin high energy allows me 2 bring my thoughts to fruition. Lately, I've been busy detaching. I'm a yr in and yet I feel like I still have sooo much more 2 learn. It's levels to detachment. To be successful, u MuSt focus on good feelin shit. Otherwise, u create the demise of ur soul, re-living pain from the past. Being weak and submitting to anger could cost u everything.

I'm tryna wrap my head around life right now. This Summer was hella traumatizing 4 me & my family. However, I did learn to master the law of attraction, under the most dyer circumstances. That gives me the confidence 2 dream up a better reality. Lemme share the secret sauce <3 Law Of Attraction Tips

1. Deep Breathe

U don't kno exactly what awaits u. Ur scared out ur mind how things can end up. Do urself a favor and get a hold of urself. Inhale oxygen thru ur nose for 12 seconds, hold for 4 and exhale thru ur mouth for 8. U r drawing prana energy into ur soul.

Bonus: In ur mind say positivity in as u inhale and negativity out as u exhale. This is how u train urself 2 respect ur divine voice. Ya kno. That voice that's always sayin ur thoughts

2. Remain Present I receive my Mars is out n it's doin the most! I'm fuq'n up tryna take a stand & fight the battles I ignored far 2 long. My gr8est fear is any1 of my 3 Virgos giving our family permission suck their energy dry, in the name of love. I receive that my fears only live in my head. That's also where I can transform them. All power of transformation is in the present moment soley. My family knows how 2 protect themselves very well.I taught them myself. Therefore, Imma fall back and allow them 2 suprise me, while tying myself 2 my visions of better feelin days.

3. Release

Finally, u must make peace w/the whole situation. Find a way 2 create ur own peace. Say the following aloud

Universe, I appreciate my lessons. I've learned a lot & I'm done now. I release everything that doesn't serve me & I welcome all peace, all love n all light 2 love on every1 involved... I will not be over bearing & controlling in an effort 2 protect those I love. I will be the peace, love n light I desire 2 be around full time! Mote it be. And so it is. Ashe Back 2 meditation I go. #ElectricLady #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #TwerkNTone #blackgirlmagic

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