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Utopic Yoniverse

Hello World! Welcome to a Utopic Yoniverse full of twerkin, cellular eating and unconditional love! This website is a one stop shop for healthy living, epic adventures and fierce 'fits with a sprinkle of unity, tied with love and happiness. Well, that's a hell of a intro, huh!? Intrigued? Well let me tell you a little more.I'm a native of Chicago, Ill. (born and raised), but I currently live in Las Vegas. I'm the 1st official Las Vegas Professional Twerka and founder of Twerk N Tone. A true lover of movement. My life is all about introducing others to their dopest self and kickin the ill-minded self to the curb.I've suffered from Endometriosis, iron deficiency issues, depression and asthma (to name a few) and I mother 2 children who've suffered with massive health and emotional issues as well. My experiences healing my family & myself inspires me to share my gifts with my community. I've treated individuals who suffered with Type 2 diabetes, cysts, obesity and many other dis-eases. Everyone's health highlights how aligned we are to our spiritual selves. On this site, you will learn the value of eating to live, the spiritual connection involved in dancing and all the life lessons I can bear to teach. The vision is for all of us to find ourselves while unbiasedly observing one another. I sacrifice myself to guide us all .Teaching is a way of life and every thing (living/non-living) has teaching ability. Here is the home where I share different practices to help you tune into those lessons, leading you to your greater self.

Thank you for subscribing to my happy place. I look forward to interacting with each and every one of you. Here are a couple of key points to keep in mind:This site is merely a home to share things that have worked for me and my clients. Although I'm sharing tid bits of our journey, my perspective isn't anything beyond just that.Everyone deserves to be celebrated. Respect is key here, so treat others the way you want to be treated.I'm an open book (for the most part), so feel free to connect with me for any questions, comments and/or concerns. I'll do my best to assist, but remember, I'm just as human as you are. I look forward to this journey of discovery and revelation.

Happy living! Visit me at Hello My Name Is Angela on Facebook & _Hello My Name Is Angela on Instagram. Love n Lite

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