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Some Day At Christmas

Peace All. Merry Holidays. I don’t celebrate pagan holidays, but I do celebrate the love n lite so many are naturally exuding this time of year. I plan on posting this Christmas Rising. I envision my readers having a beautiful time w/their babies. Listening to holiday tunes. Laughing w/family & friends. Kissin on luvahs. I see all the beauty many of u have worked so hard to create.

Today is a day of feastin for many. Most feasts are built around a meat eatin buffet of the family’s favorite birds, cows, pigs & fish to say the least. Many of us plan on adding mac & cheese, sweet potatoes, cakes n cobblers to the plate as well. My own taste buds salivating as I type these words. But my cells are crying, begging for mercy.

If you follow me on social media, you already know this speech. If you're new to my rants, please note-pus, mucus & parasites are all things we eat that clog up our digestive system, impairing every other major & minor system we have within. Because we suffer from these things, we gain weight, develop illness, dis-ease and conditions that are often times fatal. But why does this happen?

The body craves certain foods when it’s undergoing a cortisol energy roller coaster. When the body needs energy immediately, cortisol helps the body draw energy from our glycogen reserve, stored in the liver. As blood sugar surges, the pancreas peeps game and releases insulin to grab the sugar & shuttle it into the cells. After x amount of years of trickin the body this way, the insulin spike often overshoots the sugar(energy) release. All this triggers us to get hungry & crave more sugar or carbs/starch. Starch is a chemical.

Moodiness, irritability, headaches & general fatigue are the side effects. Many of us address our symptoms by using some other drug. Normally caffeine and/or sugar. Maybe some doughnuts. This is beyond exhausting in the human psyche & functioning systems.

We can do something about all this, which will prevent things from getting worse and set you up so things can begin to get better.

Here are 5 tips that can make any day a majical day.

  1. Meditate 5 minutes a day.

The human mind is the original computer. If u don’t meditate, you are leaving your computer on, functioning at the highest level. Ongoing. Many of us own computers and pc’s. How offended would you be if your computer never got a break. Imagine how you brain feels! Grant yourself 5 minutes a day, preferably in the beginning of the day to catch up with your soul. Inhale through your mouth while mentally saying positivity in. Exhale through your mouth while mentally saying negativity out. Listen to meditation music specific to the goal you desire to accomplish energetically. Here’s one of my fave YouTube links. Enjoy ❤ (click link

2. Become an Honest Observer of all Things

The human body is over 70% water. Women’s bodies produce more water than that. Which puts us in touch with our general essence. Feminine energy is all about the ability to naturally hyper focus on details. The key is mastering the ability to create to our hearts content, in spite of what our 3D life is revealing to us. The moon is feminine energy that controls the tides in the ocean. Water represents all emotions. Every man & woman possess a divine masculine & divine feminine role. We must allow our emotions to flow in an honest feeling way. When we learn how to effectively communicate how we feel about our experiences, we will begin to heal much deeper than I can warn.

3. Believe in the Power of Your Words

We literally speak all things into existence. Issue is, most times we are not conscious of exactly what that means. An example is enjoying the holiday, dreading Granny’s arrival cuz she so mean. Granny arrives, an argument breaks out shortly after she arrives. Your annoyed to no end, repeatedly sayin “See! I said this was gonna happen. I knew I was right.” Instead, recall that you are a natural, intentional deliberate creator & everything you create feels good. Then give yourself permission to flash forward & see a positive exchange. I’ve successfully used this method countless times whenever forced to be around people who don’t blend with my energy naturally. Works like a charm every time.

4. Remain Connected To Your Sacred Heart Center & 3rd Eye

Connecting through your heart means you take the time to discover how things honestly feel to you. Whatever that reality is, u must make peace with it. I prefer to do sacred heart & 3rd eye opening meditations so I can deal with tough realities much earlier when they actually surface. I see my worse case scenario, make peace & envision whatever feels good. In wakin life, I focus on being present while internally repeating “Unconditional Love n illuminating lite” whenever I think of something that hurts or feel unfamiliar, intrusive energy, til I feel better. This is how I’m create the life I desire, regardless of what I’ve experienced. U can do the same.

5. Remember 2 Breathe

No life source can exist without oxygen. Especially our organs. Our stomach houses our emotional brain & that houses our soul. Deep breathing to where you see the stomach rise & fall is essential to our quality of life. Most of us are shallow breathers. Not oxygenating past the throat is a typical norm of most people today. Help me change that by committing to doing 25 deep breaths per day to begin. Progress at your own speed. Watch how much better you breath. See how great that affects your energy & brightens your skin.

Ok. This is a lengthy blog full of soul food. Try these methods out & keep me posted on your growth. I’m proud of each of us. Don’t forget to purchase your spiritual products in our shop. Thank you for your support & for connecting with me. Happy Winter Solstice.

Love n Lite❤🔆😘

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