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Slay The One Eyed Snake

Men are the greatest lovers of the World. Upon birth, the mother if the son holds his soul. He loves the Mom from the depths of his heart, which light the Mom up like a Christmas tree. The Mom is to love her son without condition, teach him the secrets of the World while guiding him to find a worthy woman to love him more than she does. I’m only 9 years in, and I’ve followed this formula to a T. I thought I was doin super well. These days I’m being tested.

Sex is often related to love, which I think is unfortunate. In my eyes, sex is a sacred act that heals the body, transforms energy & transmutes illnesses & dis-ease. Love is an emotion that heals all things. It promotes growth, forgiveness & unity. Although love & sex work miraculously together, they are not the same.

Just like feminines, mascalines grow up and experience painful realities that no one truly tells us how to handle properly. Remember, masculines are the love masters. When they get hurt, they tend to cover up & pretend they are not experiencing what they are surviving. Pretending is a polite way to say lie. We practice lying to ourselves to master the art. Once we got it down, we lie to the World. School & work trains us further. Before we know it, we are living a lie and confused about the whole nature, wondering where we went wrong.

From my experience, the Mascalines tend look at sex as medicine to further numb their absent soul. So many humans fail to truly honor the science of Tantra, so the healing elements of sex can’t be honored. Instead, sex is reduced to some skin slappin session 2 or more humans endure for whatever period of time they desire. Once the deed is done & the bodies prepare to do their next deed, the independent soul connection is none existent, leaving these 2 humans susceptible to all kinds of fuqary. It’s truly sad.

Men, please allow me to tell you all there is nothing wrong with having sex. There’s not even a problem with having multiple sexual partners. The problems start when the lies begin. This new fiscal year, I’m sending energy to the masculine community so they may find & honor their truth. When the truth is shared, honored and respected, a whole new world of beauty is revealed. Sending love & light energy to all within this frequency so we have the strength, courage & wisdom to slay that snake! As we prepare to successfully accomplish our goals, let’s honor the reality that only love is real. Men, the World needs you. I need you. Honoring the truth offers us all a path to heal on. Find your voices. Show up. Please. And allow love to guide you past your nightmares into your waking dreams come true. Love n Lite 💞🔆

Well, money is healing & represents freedom. If u consider sellin sea moss again, lemme kno. I'm talkin 2 all my followers about healin themselves. Perhaps we could establish an agreement for our exchange as well. How

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