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Dear Mama n Nem,

I'm writing this letter to share the honesty of my feelings concerning my Mom's health. I'm very uncomfortable communicating directly about this. However, I see the value in sharing my thoughts. I will that no offense will be taken in response to my truth. If you find your own reality in my words, be honest with yourself and see why your eating your own health away. Picture moving to Vegas 13 yrs ago. Imagine a whole family poisoning themselves with food the whole time. It starts with parents hanging out socially with friends below their frequency. It doesn't matter how much of a social butterfly the woman is. Eating emotionally numbing foods shrink & numb the emotions. Guiding the man down their own version of this same path. As leaders of a family, they are guiding everyone else to follow suite. For many years, I've witnessed people eat all the take out food they desire. I've also witnessed their weight quickly rise & their health overall fail. What if doctors say these kinds of people are healthy? What if they prescribe medicine to deal with obvious issues like breathing, skin & allergy issues, while guiding the patient to book their next appointment? If our doctors are not being truthful about our health, are we being guided to believe lies? As an empath, I witness the stale feelings many people usually ignore. I never want anyone to think I'm judging them. I'm healing from surviving this same reality. I insist on asking as many questions as possible, so I can learn new information. No matter how much I lecture about the dangers of food and the human body, I still find myself eating the same poison that's killing us all. People think they couldn't care less about eating consciously. When the truth is, their too emotionally numb to figure out if they genuinely care or not. All people should always know how much I support them by nature. But I do not support the consumption of poison. Watching us eat the foods we're eating makes me feel like I'm living out some bonus scene from "Cowspiracy" or "What The Health". Breaking news is themed on the scientific inventions farmer's and food industry elite are putting in our food. These industries are creating acid for food & we're buying it. The body is old school & categorizing acid as poison. We're too numb to care. As a collective, we insist on eating most of it. Let's put this in perspective. Even if we respected the basic functionality of our bodies and reframed from eating between 4am-12 noon. Drinkin all liquids during fasting hours to help the body clean itself. The bodies cleaning efforts have failed if that being is ingesting acidic foods. Acid is poison. Keep in mind the importance of liquids. Our bodies have a lot of cleaning it needs to do. Because we keep eating dangerous foods, we slow down and often times stop the cleaning process. Doin this too much can stop the process entirely. I'm speaking up because I'm healing from being mad at myself for not heeding this reality fully, until recently. Let's talk about the breakfast, lunch and dinner we consume these days. Even if you start off with some oatmeal, fruit, toast and coffee, you are preventing the body from functioning in it's proper state. The body is cleaning itself from 4am-12noon. Let's say we wait until after 12 noon for lunch. We eat chicken breast & veggies. Chicken & most veggies cause mucus because they are acid. For dinner, let's say we eat pot roast or Chinese. At this point, we kno these things are acid, I'm wondering why we don't care & what we are you doing to ourselves? Let's say you are recuperating from knee replacement surgery & you're in the process of healing. Eating acidic foods cause Inflammation & mucus. I can hear the mucus congestion when many people breathe. All this physical destruction results in the inability to bend that injured knee successfully. Inflammation is a natural effect from the body going into fight or flight mode. Following Dr. Sebi's suggested food & herb list would naturally alleviate this whole painful reality. Mediating guides us to speak less and flow more. Spring water awakens & revives your cells. I've witnessed the body respond hormonally to these foods. Sometimes this results in a 2nd puberty in your 20-30s. In women, their lady lumps become larger than life. Our men begin to grow hips. Imagine a woman with titts is big as my head and a man with hips wide enough to birth twins. We laugh about this, but we don't consider the effect this type of hormonal change causes. WomenInBalance.orgsaid: "Estrogen has been labeled “the angel of life,” because it makes cells grow, developing the uterus, breasts, periods, pregnancy and the egg within the ovary—and “the angel of death,” because in excess it becomes toxic to the body. As they say, too much of a good thing can be dangerous, and too much of an estrogen that causes cells to multiply out of control is a recipe for breast cancer. Determining symptoms of estrogen dominance is a smart move since an imbalance of high estrogen to low progesterone that goes undetected for too long is not a risk worth taking." Read more here: At this point, everyone is pretty familiar with my whole eat to live lecture. The foods we choose force us to be emotional unresponsive/dead. I'm very curious to know what's eatin at your soul like this? Carrying this level of fear, shame & guilt in secret while pretending to be what everyone else wanted me to be is why I poison myself. I'm actually very private. I thought publicly sharing my struggles would result in more judgement. I didn't know the secrets of my own shadows, so I feared myself by default. Because of my own reality, I don't judge others. I love everyone because I know how healing love is. I forgive myself for all I've been through. I don't have any grudges. I stand in my truth, not to shrink anyone. But celebrate myself. I accept your path, regardless of if you heed my words or not. If I really am watching you eat your life away, I just wanna say thank you. It's been a pleasure being in your life. Failure to eat consciously will ultimately lead to death. All of us are eternal energy. If we disappear from one realm and enter another, our frequency follows us, and guides us to manifest more of the same dense reality we thought we escaped. I accept the path each of us are creating for ourselves. May you journey into your next chapter manifesting all you desire, you powerful manifesto you. Thank you for the bought sense. Love n Lite Empaths: We must learn to master respecting our own boundaries while accepting the path others pick from themselves! To avoid being caught up in someone else's drama, we must detach in completed unconditional love and release illuminating light. Sometimes, people closest to us pick harmful choices for themselves. This hurts us deeply. We must learn to accept their path others without expectation. Detach from the illusion we've willed on others. No one owes us anything. The illusion of pain isn't real. Only unconditional love is. Make peace with all things and always feed your energy to the things that inspire you to glow and grow. I believe in u guys because I believe in me. Who ready to take their health to the next level? Here's a helpful YouTube vid t offer guidance. Enjoy 💕

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