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Thoughts of 9.25.16

So, every day, I plague myself w/pickin the RighT topic to blog about. Then when I blog, I wanna be transparent & informative yet witty & weird. In other words, I desire to write how I communicate. What's this cherry popper regarding blogging about? If u kno, help a sista out. Until that magic answer is delivered to me, I'll just start writing how I speak, about the things near & dear to my heart. My life right now is in a very interesting place. I got the education & experience. I had babies along the way & dealt w/severe heart break. I've taken those experiences & created my own business journey & I'm only 34. Twerk N Tone, the 1st of 5 operations, is 4 yrs old now. Wow! I've learned a lot! So that just means I have a lot to teach. Add on my family dynamic &... Let's just say, ur tuned into my written reality show. I'm just as human as u. I make mistakes & masterpieces. Most often, at the same time. I speak openly about my battle w/endometriosis, but I'm not so open w/the details of my depression issues. That's about to change. I'm the proud mother of to beautiful visions of perfection Virgo children. I've had 2 relationships. Both long term (1 was 7 yrs & the current 1 is in the 10th yr). I have sooo many battle vs bliss stories to share regarding that there. My mom & I work in the media industry. The brand is Needle on the Record. We began as a podcast show while expanding into live broadcasting & on screen interviews at specific events, award shows & concerts. My mom is 16 yrs older than me so we have a pull & tug kinda relationship. I have 4 siblings including 2 sisters & a brother & a bonus sister. That's some modern family shit, huh? I wanna talk about the lesser known reality behind that. Kinda, the survivor's guilt of blended families. My 1 brother is in jail. Again. Instead of speakin about the popular subjects of the woes behind lovin inmates, I wanna introduce him the way I see him. Let me explain. My brother has been in & outta jail since childhood really. So that pipeline bs is fact. Anywho, maybe the middle of his pervious sentence, I moved back 2 Vegas. I took my son w/me to see him (Confessions of an Un-Incarcerated Prisoner comin soon) & vowed that the next time he came home, I'd get to know him. Like how a sister Should kno her brother & when he came home, I did just that. I definitely had my own way, but I studied my brother. I needed to kno his story. Honestly, I'm still learning. However, I found some dope ass shit worth sharing. So I'll do just that. Ok, now I feel like I can unbotton my pants, put my feet up & get comfortable. Welcome to my world of lovin. The only topic on my mind right now, is this feeling of bein in the matrix. Here's y. I'm 34,makin some good professional moves, children doin good but, it's that feelin of... Meh. I can't say if somethin is eatin me. Not yet anyway (I always have a delayed reaction to this kinda shit cuz I'm addicted to focusing on the good & sometimes I need to merely be aware of the bad. I fear that focusing on the bad will have an emotional effect on me that will debilitate me.) Perhaps it's the fact that my Bro's bday is in a few days & it tears me up that he has to spend it in a cage... In times like this, I do my mirror therapy exercise, release & move on. So, guess that's what I gotta do. Details on what the hell I'm talkin about comin soon. In the meantime, check out this YouTube video, as we get to kno each other better.

So world, wuz yo name izz!? Comment below & let a Godis know. Like, share & comment. Then tell me about what I should know about u. Love n Lite, Your Electric Lady

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