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"Miracles come in moments. Be ready & willing" -Wayne Dyer

A couple yrs ago, I felt like I outgrew my body in some senses, but emotionally, my world was caving in on me. The things I thought were owed 2 me were taken away & I forced 2 journey. It started out lonely, b/c I was afraid 2 be alone. Then I dissected just what elements of that reality scared me the most. Fast forward 3 yrs & I now recognize that was the beginning of my latest shift.

2 all my people in the midst of a shift, here's the guide u may have been waiting on. The best course of action is simply 2 allow, be present & be receptive. These are key elements in the Law of Attraction, but not so much in the real world. Finding your way may seem tough. Best thing u could ever do is simply follow ur heart. May love n lite light ur trail. Time 2 breath easy & celebrate. Welcome home Babes

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