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Manifesting With Politicians

Last week was quite surreal for me. I did some work for my local senator, Patricia Pat Spearman, who is running for a seat in Congress. She is a melanin-rich military vet who gave 29.5 yrs of her life to serving our country in the Army. She left the Army a lieutenant and became a pastor of a local church. She was quite supportive of her community during the house crisis. She hosted bible study on Thursday instead of the typical Wednesday, so people would be able to attend their community meetings.

I received a private invitation to participate hours before physically reporting there. I failed to do any research before hand. This was a 2 day experience. My work day began at 7am both days. The campaign manager was warm, informative and inviting since our 1st conversation. I felt like Senator Spearman's team focused on quality over quantity. Each day, we were briefed in informative ways. Our comments, concerns, feed-back, questions, jokes and whatever else were always accepted and welcomed.

We were provided breakfast on both days. Not the most nutritious food, however, I appreciate their candor. We had a pretty small group overall. My personal group consisted of just myself and 2 other young ladies, pretty much half my age. It was dope to talk to them about dreams, life, goals, meditation, work experience and stuff like that. As a Gemini, I'm hella inquisitive anyway. Working this campaign was a beautiful way to get out and meet my community.

Day 1 was a 10 hr day. Day 2 was 14. Even though that's s super long time, I enjoyed every second of it. Because I spend so much time healing myself privately, it felt incredible to manifest the abundance of the beautiful energy I attracted. It means the world to me that I'm actually being a part of the change I wanna see. 2018 makes 11 yrs of being a formally trained legal professional, yet, I stopped voting a few years back. Campaigning was a very good experience that inspires me to believe again. I'm still taking my time with the whole deed of voting. However, I am reading the laws and speaking up while encouraging others to do the same.

Day 2 ended with a party at the Senator Spearman's office, in the downtown area. My sacred heart specialist, Jackie and I enjoyed all the beautiful, smiling, melanin-rich faces we came across. This was a very colorful group. Senator Spearman is a member of the LBGTQ community, so some of errbody was there. Whether attendees of this gala or supportive members of the community, I have never witnessed so many beautiful things said about someone else. We ended up having a pretty dope conversation with a small group of women. I believe they are of the Baby Boom era. We talked about computers, online services, chakras, healing, dancing and a couple of other things. I find it so healing to have inter-generational conversations with others. It's kind of my way of remaining informed.

My personal interaction with Senator Spearman was limited. I do not completely agree with her stance on schools, our children and guns. However, I appreciate the character of her heart and I believe that some effective community conversations could result in the city getting what they want, while getting Senator Spearman the seat in Congress she deserves.As a society, I believe our bottom line is we just desire to feel safe. Only love does that.

All this week, we have all been tortured by the headlines dealing with Trump, FEMA camps and the babies. A post I re-shared informs all people disgusted by this reality to reach out to their local Senator to speak up. I can vouch and say, Senator Spearman has a real heart. I believe that if we contact her and share our concern for this situation, we will do what she can to remedy this matter. Senator Spearman is a Mom herself.

If you all are interested in reaching out, call your reps at 202.224.3121 and tell them to end the separation of families. Look into the Keep Families Together Act, read it in it's entirety and see if you agree with everything it says. If you disagree with any part, speak up about whatever your concern is. There's a HELP Separated Children Act that all of us should be looking into. After all, the laws are the rules of our lives.

I encourage all of you who care about these children being jailed as toddlers, who are not allowed to be comforted by anyone, to look into these laws and acts. It may be a lot of words, just focus on reading them. Get a Black's Law Dictionary and look up the legal meaning for all words you don't comprehend in any given sentence. The legal dictionary has 3 different definitions for the word is, so yea. lookin words up is a necessary evil. Legalese is a whole other language. Then start talking about what you believe to be important to not only your personal circle. Talk to your political professionals as well. The politicians are the representatives for the average people. There's power in unity. Speaking up is how we manifest the changes we desire to see.

If you desire to connect with Patrica Pat Spearman, here is her Social Media info.



Twitter: Senatorspearman

It's tough to stand by and watch someone next to you suffer. I'm unable to turn the other cheek. I'm also unable to simply save them from whatever they are going through. SO, I meditate and share my love and light energy with Mama Gaia and all the people of the land. While directing energy as I focus on my breathe. I invite all of you to join me. I aim for 5:15 am. However, I'm a work in progress. The beautiful thing about IG Lives is the content is available for 24 hours. I invite all of you to give at least 5 mins to yourself. Turning off your brain, focusing on breathe, visualizing whatever brings you peace. The 1st key step of manifestation is to see. Be sure to use the sacred heart of both your pineal gland and the sacred heart itself. There's majic there.

Happy Manifestation All. Love n Lite <3

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