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Walking with my eyes closed

Peace Tribe. How ya'll be? I am tired and overwhelmed. Yet zull of zen and sunshine. Can anyone else relate?

Since Friday's blood full moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius, I have been feeling more re-born than usual. Somehow, I feel like my starseed roots are grounding and more people/creatures like me are revealing themselves. This is an outlandish idea, in the logical world. However, if you look to the stars, fantacies and miracles become realty. Eclipses represent major endings and major beginnings. This particular eclipse was nearly 2 hrs (1 hr 43 mins). The day itself played out nice and calm in my World. Still, I can't shake the fact that I believe I witnessed a miracle.

I'm in North America, so the eclipse happened mid-day in my world. I watched the process and listened to experts online talk about astrological facts of this galaxy. It was exciting! For anyone else who wants to get their nerd on, the blog, YouTube vid and actual eclipse are linked below.

The Divine part of my personality is telling me a huge, miraculous change is on the way. I keep looking to life for clues about what to do next. Mind you, I'm living in blind faith. Most times, I don't see shit. WHich inspires thoughts of panic. All kinds of negativity take hold when that happens. To heal that thinking process, I listen to Dr. Joe videos. His content deals with attuning the frontal lobe and manifesting easier and quicker while feeling incredible. You forget who you are to become someone else. If I didn't study psychology, that would sound hella crayzy to me. However, I'm founded on psychology. I bee changing who I am since I was a young child.

This whole process is overwhelming, yet so exciting. Which tells me I should direct the main character of my reality show (me) to meditate more. And expect miracles. So, that's what I'm on.

This weekend was filled with all kinds of illumination regarding me sharing my truth more openly. Click the links below to check em out.

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