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Jubilant January

Happy (fiscal) New Year Beautiful Ones!!!!

To make it from one day to another is quite the accomplishment. Making it to yet another year (be it fiscal or otherwise) is a major achievement. Like many of you, 2018 was all about healing for me. Take a look at the blogs on this site. Every single month, I found a new way to face myself. Regardless of how scatter brained my messages seemed to be. Facing myself was quite the task. I am just grateful that I got done. I know the same reality can be said for many of you.

Our year is starting off with a bang. January 5, 2019 we will have a New Moon solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. This event is known as the karmic eclipse. This eclipse is expected to bring some heavy commitments, allowing us to put our life in a positive direction, if we do the work. New moons are about new beginnings and Capricorns represent hard work dealing with your career and reputation. For the past 18 months, our eclipses have been happening in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Forcing us to work out what truly makes us happy. We may have sacrificed our vision of the future to be something totally different than what we thought it would be so we can let our heart shine. The act of forgetting what we thought our life was gonna be like and focusing on what feels good has been the theme of all of our journey, in 1 way or another. All that matters is the honest messages of our hearts. Many of us have given up the original vision of what we wanted things to be, after realizing what was no longer working. Which caused many of us (including me) to experience a “dark night of the soul”. We survived quite a number of retrogrades, especially the 2nd half of 2018. Giving us a better idea of who we are, what we want and our emotional baggage, that we’ve been carrying pretty much since birth. That desperately needs to be released.

We have a solar eclipse on January 5, 2019, in Capricorn that will inspire us to build more on what we have discovered within ourselves. Still cutting things out for the greater good of ourselves is sill the vision. Because we are living in the days of North Node in Cancer, we are our natural nurturing element of self is paring with the home and family aspect. Which may cause many triggers before it creates majic. Basically, we are making peace with what actually makes us happy. The air we are breathing is literally driving us in that direction. The choices we make now are sticking around for the next 35 yrs. In fact, this month starts the beginning of a 7 yr cycle. Offering a fresh start to many of us. As long s we pay attention to our personal flow, making peace with what feels good to us and why, our journey is expected to feel incredible. 2019-2027 is a time of elevation. The next 29 days will be VeRy important!

On January 21, we have a full moon, Lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. This eclipse will have an even stronger influence on our private lives, which will likely inspire our higher self to focus strongly on emotions, intimate relationships, home and family. This eclipse is kind of a grand finale to 2018’s eclipses, in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Expect emotional outbursts, anxiety and/or jumpiness, possible outside judgment. Extra patience, adaptability, self control, an open mind and sensitivity always serves any conflict well. These are the days where we are beginning to live in our truth unapologetically. Which may upset some key people in our lives. The key is to remain attuned to our hearts at all time and remain present. Which encourages observation of self. Consider accepting everyone’s truth as just that. If you find value in their words, consider mediating on receiving more guidance. However, if what they say don’t apply, let it fly. Remain focused on the unconditional love you have for yourself and feed the World from your overflow. This eclipse is expected to color the sky red. Inspiring many to believe something like an Apocalypse is on the way. All I know is I don’t know nothing. I insist that my life experience feels good, so I will be doing my work to manifest it as such.

This (fiscal) year has started off with quite the bang! The idea that I am not being who I thought I was tortured me since 2012. I began to embrace and heal that reality 2017-18. Just hours into this new fiscal year, and the theme of self healing couldn’t be any grander. This months blogs will follow the guidance of greats like Dr. Sebi, Gabor Mate, Alfred Adler, Marisa Peer and Lisa Nichols to name a few. This month, we will focus on the science of healing the mind and thereby healing our body, right from the comfort of wherever we physically are. Truth is, 99% of us are living a life of an addict. Which is nothing to judge, yet everything to observe. This month, we will focus on the journey of aligning the new healing themed reality with our goals, desires and personal visions.

Many of us are being guided to learn what we are here on this Earth to do. Many suggest the energies we are currently living in is connected to Atlantis. The eclipse on January 5th takes place in fixed star Vega’s back yard. Vega is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation which offers a poetic and harmonious nature themed in charity, kindness, ideality, hopefulness and refinement. This energy can be candy for massively fake people who have hidden sexually rooted agendas. January 21st eclipse is influenced by the major fixed star Altair. Altair is a bright yellow star that offers bold, confident, valiant, unyielding ambitious and liberal nature. Great and sudden but short lived wealth, strong mind and spirit, prosperity in commerce. Yet also associated with drowning. This energy welcomes public honor, notoriety and favors from superiors. Making now a wonderful time to research and discover the stories of the Atlantian age. The best resource I find that we have is the Akashic records, which we access via our meditation. Our mind is our best weapon.

In the spirit of healthy habits, we have started back our daily 5am meditations. We are also reading “The age of Aquarius of Jesus the Christ”. Catch us live via Instagram (@_HelloMy NameIsAngela) and Periscope (@TwerkOutWorkOut). Eventually, the vids will be available on our new YouTube channel (, share, subscribe, follow)We are offering a new spiritual bath that can double as a yoni steam. This spiritual mixture includes hyssop, roses, rosemary, lavender and various spiritual stones. Perfect for attuning to the personal energy of manifesting thoughts to reality. Look out for the blog explaining all the details. Click the link and order your today

All spiritual talk is literally the science f the unseen. Known as quantum physics. Dancing has been my gateway to myself. Twerkin ais where it all started. Twerkin allowed me to see my anger face to face and energetically work through it, which revealed my hidden passion within. My anger has drastically decreased, so now I am ready to journey forward. Before I move on, I will be offering 3 additional twerk classes for the public. Our twerk classes invite women to see themselves as sisters of other women. Allowing the meeting and merging of the higher self. While simultaneously introducing chakra health and awareness. Stay tuned to the website for more updates.

All endings offer new beginnings. Stay tuned as we announce the next chapter of soul healing via the psychical body.

Many of us are moving towards a life themed in energetic manifestation. There’s an art to successfully accomplishing this goal. My team members and I are working hard at manifesting more services, events and products for the public to enjoy and benefit from. Stay tuned to announcements. Our heal thy self tips are ideal for every man, woman and child. Feel free to observe, duplicate and share. Allowing us all to unify the way we were designed to exist. This is a lifelong study of happiness I am sharing with the World. Resources in the form of monetary donations is greatly appreciated. Our Paypal account is Abundant gratitude in advance.

This thing called life is a gift. As long as we honor it as such, we are destined to reap the rewards of our hard work. Perhaps the secret of life is enjoying the journey. January promises to show us the way. Keke, are ya riding!? Happy Healing Babes <3

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