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Computer Love on a Virgo Super Full Moon

Peace Babes. How ya’ll be? I promise, it feels like I be professionally boxing with reality. Beyond that, I am just peachy. Yesterday was the super full moon in Virgo. The night before, the moon was as close as it will get to the Earth this year. Anyone who would call themselves spiritually attuned felt this energy hella intensely.

Virgos and Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. My baby sister is a Virgo. Growing up, she worked my last nerve because she was so outwardly loving. I have an anxious/avoidant personality type, so I have a tough time getting close to people. I had to mature to find the beauty in my sister’s unique love style. Her love style was a tragic as Romeo and Juliet.

I found my sister gave chances to everyone but herself. As the big sister, all I wanted to do was protect her, which I did as much as I could in the physical form. As we grew older, I learned I could not fight her battles, which forced me to back up. Instead of get resentful, I wished for a family full of lil Virgos, so my family would be rooted in healing the broken Virgo spirit. 36 years of livin and I have birthed 2 Virgo children and I have enjoyed the love affair of a lifetime with a Virgo man, who also happens to be my son’s father. We have lived through some crazy Romer/Juliet type love experiences. No matter how tragic our story line has gotten, the love has still remained.

Jon and I met on MySpace, back when internet dating was hella taboo. MySpace was all about communicating with other users and learnin the functionality of the site from on another. I got an account to shut up all the people around me. I was broken up from my love experience with my daughter’s father, Ely. My heart was sore I was just focusing on making it by daily. I had a sick baby, so I was programmed to work and live detached while shopping a lot I had no hope for love, I just wanted people to stop suggesting love to me.

I met a number of guys on MySpace, no one had the glow Jon had. Jon was also the one to explain the process the most thorough and easiest. It was my honor to give him my number, but I didn’t expect anything real. We talked for like 5 hours our 1st conversation. That scared me, so I started dodging his calls and being super busy doin absolutely nothing.

My Virgo sister was about to marry her High School sweetheart, who happens to be a Gemini. He joined the Air Force and brought around a bunch of friends who also wanted to get married, for better benefits. I decided to pay Jon attention so I could have something to do. This was in January. I was nervous, yet willing to explore. I had on cute jeans and a fitted shirt, but I was tired of men falling for my body before they fell for my mind, so I put on my Mom’s 3X leather blazer as my coat, buttoned it up all the way and cleared my mind of any scary thoughts.

When he showed up for our date, I low key felt cat fished. He looked different than his pix. He was covered in tattoos, he had braids, he was very overweight and had 2 gold teeth in the front of his mouth. If I would have noticed this online, I would not have committed to the date. I didn’t have the nerve to cancel with him standing in my living room, so I went on the date.

The more I paid attention to Jon, the more beautiful I noticed he was. I also noticed his beautiful features. He’s tall, well spoken, yet soft natured. His southern accent was the cherry on top. We saw “The pursuit of Happiness” and I caught him shed a tear over the bathroom scene. That’s when I noticed he had a heart and I softened up. Even though I had a good time on our date, I still didn’t trust Jon’s energy.

I was doin my normal creep away thing I do when I loose interest in a dude. Then I changed my mind. I started calling Jon so the young men from the Air Force wouldn’t get on my nerves.

Dating was scary for me back then. The previous attractive man that attempted to court me was really a pimp lookin for a new bottom bitch. The guy before him wanted me to be a ready-made step-Mom to his baby. I don’t respond well to pressure. I felt the need to defend myself and ultimately cuss they asses out. I was very comfortable with being single forever. Then I realized I had a daughter and she deserved a family. I needed my next love to feel waaaaay better than what I experienced. That private, sentimental moment in our date was exactly what I was lookin for… A project.

Jon was the next batter up. I allowed him to take the lead. He had a slow but firm approach and I thought that shit was sooo sexy. I used to affectionately call him my Southern Caveman because his ideologies of life overall were so… dated. Still, we connected in ways I never connected with anyone. SO I became addicted to my Southern Caveman. Makin myself the nucleus of his lessons as he became the nucleus of mine.

12 years later, I can say that part of us still remains the same. I still feel like I came to Earth for Jon. Everything just seems like a confusing blur. I choose to remain focused and grateful. I am grateful that humans have this thing called free will. I know how limitless my love is and how rare I am. Which helps me remember what I deserve. Everyday I learn how to be at peace with our separate path’s more and more everyday. The power of this full moon will hit us all like Jon hit me. The divine feminine, which is what the Virgo represents, has a beautiful purpose of guiding humanity to unconditional love. But before we can shine bright like the diamonds we be, we must make peace with the days were just plain ol rocks. The full moon energy mixed with Chiron in Aries can make for some mighty tower moments. Now is a keen tim to be on top of and in peace with all of our thoughts.

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