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5 Ways To Get Out of Your Own Way

Peace Babes.

March has proven t be a helluva month. How have you all been? I’ve been so over whelmed, I only found solitude under the rocks I been hangin out with. I was stuck in every way imaginable. I usually allow those kinds of realities to consume me, sending me into an emotional frenzy where my lower 3 chakras conspire with my mind to feed my imagination illusions of my worse reality. I used to fantasize about shit so hard, my thoughts would come true. Then I’d be mad at the Word which was distracting me from my truth. Which was I was disappointed in myself.

Some might say the above thought is a lil cray cray. According to the stars, it is quite usual to have crazy thoughts these days. Our minds are likely to be in the clouds since Venus entered Aquarius. Mercury has been in retrograde, forcing people to pay better attention to their communication methods. Uranus re-entered Taurus on March 6, inspiring major stubborn energy . On that same day, we had a new moon in Pisces, inspiring stillness and meditation. Mars entered Taurus on March 10, giving our souls maad staying power.

The planetary placements have a major connection on all of our day to day life. It is said that we are all walking stars. Read March’s Newsletter to learn more. The sky is ushering all of us to our own visions of abundance. However, our free-will can guide us to relinquish our manifestations, due to the nature of our thoughts. Thankfully, I happen to be a well-versed alien gurl who knows a couple life hacks to manifesting. Let’s go over 5 simple methods that serve me every time I feel like I’m in my own way.

1.Mind your business

The mind is our body’s processing machine. The female human body has at least 3. The mental mind, located in the brain. The emotional mind, located in the stomach and all women have a yoni, where all of reality is birthed. Our thoughts power all of our minds to behave in a certain fashion. If thoughts are themed in fear, shame and/or guilt, the reality created must match. Meditation is a beautiful tool to manage the mind. The act of meditation is turning the mind off and focusing on the breathe. It works like a charm for me. Sign up for our free Monthly Newsletter and get a free e-book sharing various methods of deep breathing, as our free gift to all of you. Sign up today!

2.Challenge Yourself

I may be rare, but I’ve always LooOooved thinking. My parents taught me the power of bringing the library home with me at a very young age. I grew up challenging myself to research things via the Britannica Encyclopedia’s my parents purchased for me and my siblings enrichment. These days, we collectively have the access to the World’s greatest library at our finger tips. Via phones, tablets, computers and the like. When my feelings are all over the place, so is my mind. My thoughts can get destructive and following through with them can cause more harm than bring remedy. In times like that, it’s best for me to focus on something that I can teach myself. I have been a travel agent for the past 6 weeks. Instead of puking out my guts in the form of words via these blogs(per usual), I challenged my mind to learn new things about the World. Cruises are my latest focus. Are you interested in learning about the World and being paid for it too? Send me a message and let’s chat

3.What About Your Cells

Major planetary action effects me in major ways. Thanks to my natal chart, I know that I was born with 6 planets in retrograde. Meaning each of those planets were reeEeeally close to the Earth at the moment of my birth. Each planet beamed it’s powers through my cells and all of that planet’s super powers and major issues are my own. Making me extremely sensitive to everything. When life is annoying me, I literally wanna rip flesh apart with my teeth. I crave meat and I notice my aggression build in any given situation. When I eat food my cells can thrive off of, my aggression sizzles into some form of fear, shame and/or guilt. In which case, I can recognize that my inner child is hurting and expressing herself through my adult self. I usually crave lots of acid when I am feelin like the victim. The coating of the extra fat on my body helped me to feel protected, yet fearful that something else crazy would happen. Upon discovering Dr. Sebi, I learned to eat alkaline foods, beverages and herbs for the health of my cells. I comfort myself by giving myself personal time with myself. Exploring one’s cells is the physical journey to the soul. Eating for the health of the cells is self love at it’s best. As an official Dr. Sebi advocate, my specialties involve exploring the effects many foods have on our cells, energy bodies and chakras. Stay tuned.

4.T W E R K

When life is getting on my absolute LaSt nerve, and I wanna fight, I give myself permission to twerk. Focusing on my sacrum and releasing the burning energy form my lower back. Which is directly linked to my lower 3 chakras where fear, shame and guilt live. Sometimes I booty pop for a few seconds. Sometimes, for a few hours. It just depends on what I’m going through and how I feel about it. Twerking is a Shamanic ritualistic dance. Shamanistic culture is a major part of the aboriginal culture. My cells know secrets my outer self has chosen to forget. Twerkin awakens the cellular memory of the physical body. In women, this act, combined with various other forms of energy medicine has been known to unifying women to their higher, divine self. I’m a living witness. Twerkin works. TRuST. Explore the site and explore the various twerk based/Kundalini rooted services we offer.

5.Da Herbs Mon

All things are energy. Our central nervous system is the body’s super system. Whenever the human body feels physically overwhelmed, the central nervous system, which is housed in our spine, becomes backed up with the stale energy. Directly effecting our body, minds and personal energy centers. Imagine a trembling chiwawa. If that doggy is lookin at you with the big eyes, fulla fear, terrified that you will do something harmful to it, what would you do? I would have a soft and gentle approach so the doggy knows I’m not a threat. Your own personal central nervous system requires the same level of TLC. The marijuana plant has the same healing properties that our body naturally has. I personally smoke joints rolled in hemp paper daily. Smoking reminds me to deep breath. I’m very anxious and nervous by nature. Weed helps calm down my natural sensitivities. Breathing feels nearly impossible when I feel nervous, unbalanced or upset. Smoking helps that. Children can be at least, if not more nervous than adults. I have 2 very sensitive children, who I treat with CBD oil, which guides their central nervous system to relax. Calming the body down from being in a state of fight or flight. Learn more about CBD oil and make your order by clicking here:

Ok, those are 5 tips for getting out of your own way. I use everything mentioned on this list alone and with my children.

Although my son doesn’t twerk, does comprehend the nature of female sensuality and dance, in a kiddie way… I talk to him about the female body, mind, spirit and soul. In these days of major cosmic miracles happening daily, now is a beautiful time to be present.

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