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5 Ways To Manifest On This Libra Full Moon

Peace Family. Happy Libra Full Moon Wednesday. March 20, 2019 marks the date of the 1st of 2 Libra full moons, this Aries season. This particular full moon is in 0 degrees Libra. It could bring about many tests, forcing all truthful realities to reveal themselves. Allowing for those willing to do the work to reach a level of closeness and trust so profound, you never look back. If you focus on your personal energy, you can personally explore what could tilt your relationship off the edge. Peeking in your natal chart and finding out about your 7th house (commitments, partnerships and loyalties) and pair that with the 7th house of whomever your thinkin of to explore your fate. If you don’t have their natal chart info, ask yourself if they are as important to you as you think they are.

According to, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces are likely to have a tough time this full moon cycle. The prediction is, Aries- your relationship will be under a microscope. Cravings of harmony and mutual respect are likely. Scorpio- you may experience uncomfortable revelations. In true Scorpio fashion, seeing things beneath the surface. The natal chart link is the 12 house. House of spirituality. And Pisces- You could undergo strife that helps you grow. The change takes place in the 8th house of transformation. This challenge is rooted in the endurance of pain and sacrifice for the sake of growth. Below we will discuss 5 ways to manifest, in spite of all boundaries.

1.Use Your Cheat Sheet

The natal chart is the intergalactic snapshot of who we were the moment we were born. It has all info about us regarding this life, and all others. You find your natal chart online by Googling: Free Natal Report, choosing a link (I adore this site: ) .The typical natal chart site requests your name, date of birth, time of birth & city of birth. If you do not know the time, the system can only generate a partial report. Once your chart populates, find the areas in your chart that have Libra placement. I personally have 5 placements, including my moon and rising. So, meditation is my bestie.


This full moon cycle is know to be quite “psychic” channeling Zeta, Spica, Arcturus, and Andromeda Extraterrestrial energy. March makes the 9th month of the galactic year. We are entering the solar moon of intention (March 7-April 3). 3 Key useful words to connect via meditation are pulse, realize and intention. The intentions we live by sculpt our inner and outer reality. When we take time to be present enough to honor the pulse of any life source (be it a human, a project, love), then our ability to realize our reality peaks. The Dalai Lama reminds us, it is our intentions that are responsible for the karma we generate. Meditation is the act of turning all of our internal chatter off and focusing on our breath instead. Additional (usually distracting) thoughts will persist. Thank them for the reminders they bear and ask them to return after meditation. During meditation, simply focus on your breath. After a lil time, you will receive messages form beyond. These messages are also known as downloads.

Starseed Exploration:

Some dope questions to ask yourself after at least a 15 minute meditation are: What are my deepest intentions that I want my life based on? How can I energize my heart’s aspirations? How can I realize and consciously direct my point inner life force? How can I support myself to live more consciously and mindfully (S/O Awakening Galactic Culture)

3.Be Ok Saying Goodbye

We are experiencing a Jaguar moon, and the powers are set to linger through April 3, 2019. The things you have been holding on to have reached it’s expiration date, according to current galactic placement. This release is connected to our lineage, our ancestors. Which can be traced back to the 12 house in our natal chart. The 12th house is where we are likely to face demons. My 12th house is in Virgo, and rules hospitals, prisons and mental insinuations. As well as my dreams, my unconscious motivation for behaving the way I do. Discovering this part of my chart will reveal to me why I keep repeating patterns, no matter how bad for me they are.

4.Discover Your Feelings

Many of us were born strong feelers, but we mask it, for 1 reason or another, in a pursuit of protecting ourselves. This is a keen time to explore through the astro-body (5D/5 dimension) first. 5D is the spiritual realm where all of reality is manifested from. All of reality forms around our astro-body and comes into our lives, depending on the frequency and thoughts we are projecting. If the energy is on a lower frequency, it can physically manifest as pain, sickness, emotions and situations in the external environment that suck to be a part of. These situations are also known as life tests. If you decide to volunteer your vril (life force energy) to an outside source, it hurts your feelings and you send off an outside energy to match, via the unconscious mind. Following the spiritual law of manifesting what you put out. The awareness of what needs to change is connected to the root of every triggers within ourselves and other people. Emotional traumas that need to be healed and released and the galaxy has decided, now is the time. Collectively, as a society, we have A LoT to release.

5.Go With The Flow

This full moon is taking place at the head of Aries season, inspiring our outward self to be on that “I am”, me, 1st, take charge mentality. Yet it is in the opposite sign of Libra is begging our emotional self to keep things balanced, beautiful and healing. The power of both the sun and moon (outside and inside self) can give us power to heal things and move things along fast. The sky is offering us more power and courage to move forward. Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde until the end of this month. We are revisiting things and relating to others. Neptune is the spiritual planet. My personal Neptune is in Sagittarius, in my 3rd house. Which pretty much tells many of the issues I have with damn near all my relationships. Including the relationship I have with myself.

Now is the time for our personal awareness to peak, concerning desires that have been holding us back, to reveal itself. We may notice things about ourselves we wish we had not. That’s normal. Instead of running away and covering up, let’s find the inner strength to face our darkness and see what we manifest from there. The souls level of awareness has revealed itself. It’s up to us to use our tools effectively.

The key is for our unconscious mind and the conscious mind to believe the same thing, at the same time. Venus square Mars (Ram vs The Scales or Libra vs Aries), we will be tested to trust our intuition, judgments. Right now could be the time for self mastery to take place. Especially in relationship and love. A winning way to think is remembering that those that test us make us stronger.

If you are interested in learning more about your natal chart and your divine purpose on Earth, click the link and request a Divine Creator Blueprint electronic reading and learn what the stars said about you, the moment you took your 1st breath. Remember, most detailed reports require your time of birth.

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Happy Full Moon Tribe. Manifest Responsibly.

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