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General Blog- Karmic Endings, New Beginnings

Karmic Endings, New Beginnings

Peace Babes. How ya’ll be? I feel like I’m having an unenjoyable bull dozer experience I don’t care to explain. Bottom line, I can feel massive endings happening in very sacred parts of my life. Right NoW…! The monk’s philosophy is to remain calm, no matter the turbulence surrounding you. Welp, I’ve really been more like a walking tornado most of my life, compared to a calm breeze. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. These days, I’m so connected to my own peace, I no longer have an interest in anything else. I choose to believe everything calling my attention away from mastering my own balance is a test/distraction.

With me healing from being my own painful lessons, I figured many of you are prolly goin through your version of the same thing. So, have thought of 5 talking points to keep in mind all this week to keep our noses from getting cut off, to save our face. That's a classic saying in my family that I didn't get until I GoT it. Blogging allows me to see the structure of my thoughts . Talking about the power of my mind allows me to birth a different, better feeling reality, altogether. Enjoy my thoughts and if you find them valuable, please share with others. Thanks in advance .


All things are energy. Energy can either move(kinetic), allowing things to happen. Or energy can stand still (potential). The human body is said to have 7 chakras within. The energy we generate throughout our physical human avatar can either move around, allowing our cells, blood and organs to function optimally. Or, the energy can sand still, we gain weight covering the chakra emotionally related to that particular area of the body. Example, I always felt like I had a small pouch near my root chakra. take me 6 yrs ago, for example. No matter how much I exercised, I could never get muscles to form in my lower gut, which upset me. I ate plenty of bread and cheese to soothe myself, which was the reason for my mini pouch. Eating a massive amount of comfort foods eventually earned me a hernia, on top of the 1 I was born with. I had them surgically treated TheN learned about Dr. Sebi. I learned the pouch I gained was my psychological means of protecting my root chakra, emotional brain. I was poisoning my gut to prevent myself from listening to my own messages. Ignoring my intuition. Causing myself to be sick often (asthma, Endometriosis). If we think about it, we can connect our entire medical journey on our chakra health to determine the deep rooted issues buried within. Simple things like deep breathing and root chakra meditation are beautiful keys to maintaining your internal balance.

2.Natal Chart

The days that we are living in are often suggested to be Biblical times. Some say that we should reference the book of Revaluations to get a more broad perspective of what we are living through. Personally, I find religion quite overwhelming. I can't tell the difference between fact and fiction. So, I choose to focus on science. Science leads us to the planets, stars, houses and degrees. All of that leads me to myself in quite a clever way via the natal chart. The natal chart is the intergalactic snapshot of we are the moment we are born. Each of us have a natal chart which offers a complete description of our character in not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes. There are 12 houses, 12 signs and degrees ranging from 0-30 that give us very detailed information on every bit of our personality. This chart is a total cheat sheet to know the inner workings of who we authentically are. It’s available online for free. All you need is a name, date, time and location of birth and the system generates a complete report, all about you. It’s the perfect distraction the next time you feel compelled to argue with anyone. There are even remedies for resolving conflict specific to you in your chart.


With so much happening on/in our planet on a day to day basis, the heart can feel really heavy. Regular stresses like work, money and food, mixed with worries of heartbreak would be our norm. Top that off wit the death of a young legend, Nipsey Hussle, life can feel especially heavy. His death can remind you of the other deaths you have lived through and the rabit hole gets deeper from there. Exercise is a wonderful way to naturally work that energy off. Running allows me to remember how free I am. Aerobics allows me to explore the abilities of my body. Dancing invites me to transform energy, while laughing and challenging myself to be better than I was last time. The pain I feel from my muscles post workout beats heartache any day. Plus, fitness forces the body to release Endorphins, a natural chemical the body releases that inspires a natural high feeling. Nipsey Hussle has been a private inspiration to me for maybe the last 6-7 years. Not only did hislyrics help me empathize with men more overall, his lyrics help me love deeper, be less judgmental and motivate as well as forgive others and especially myself. Next time life is getting on your nerves, throw on some workout gear, grab your headphones, tie up your running shoes and challenge yourself to a 30 minute workout. Write about your feelings before the workout and write a short lil update post your workout. Working out forces you to believe in yourself, which forces you to think healthier thoughts. No matter how troubling the subject presents itself to be.


Writing is one of ThE most powerfully majical things we can do as human beings. When we write, we give ourselves permission to see what our thoughts look like, which is a step in the right direction. Remember, the majority of humanity is awakening from an extreme state of numbness. Writing can be a major tool for peaceful face-offs. Whether we write letters to ourselves, letters to others that we never give them and keep for the record, burn for release or actually letters we exchange with others, we are communicating a message directly to someone. Just as we do with our thoughts. The English language is said to be a curse in it of itself. Entomology is a BiiiiG deal. It's the little things like challenging ourselves to know the definitions we challenge our children to know, recording ourselves daily via Social Media or our private camera capturing our daily jargon allows us to listen to our daily diction and observe the patters. The objective is to observe, not criticize. If we notice something we don't agree with, we can change it. Meditation focused on the perfect changes serving our highest and greatest good will present themselves. Why? because we are deliberate, intentional creators, ALL the time.


Travel is one of ThE most healing activities anyone could do. Visiting new places and learning new things is always wonderful. Every place has it’s own vibe. We have created our lives to be exactly what they are, before we occupied this physical human avatar we call our body. Every place we are is exactly where we are destined to be. This has always been the reality. Many people may consider this reality and think back to a time in their life where everything was still coming together. Being present is the art of remembering where we are NoW! We are alive now. Living. Breathing. Creating. Loving! Let’s do it on purpose. If there is not limit to reality beyond the one we set, then we have every right to see ourselves healing everything that hurts. Let's start by visualizing a vacation in Bali, making up with our Baby Mommas/Daddies, our children can express their truth. The family not only learns the science of bonding together, but also maintaining a healthy relationship the whole way through.

Twerk N Tone is goin to Bali in 2020. Perfect time to heal those stale broken hearted realities and birth better feeling, beautiful realities in it’s place. Stay tuned for details.

So fam, those are the 5 tips for enduring our karmic endings and karmic beginnings we are currently living though. I'm studying Bali for the next while, so I can discover the hidden jewels in that sacred healing land. Instead of relive traumas from past loves that didn't work out. I couldn’t be more grateful. Now is a grand time for karmic relationship tragedies to reinvent themselves. If Evolution Travel were not my focus, I’d be a victim to the same rabbit hole that uaully swallows me whole. Is that you too? Join me in this movement of breaking generational curses and generating generational wealth via travel as our front hussle. Which is what I’m doing. My profits will continue to fund my dreams, which are all hosted on this website. Create the same reality for yourself by investing $30 to start. $69.95 a month thereafter. In return, you get your own business as a home based travel agent, specializing in anything you want. The perks we earn from day 1 (free cruises, airfare, hotel stays and trips) makes the investment soooo worth it. Plus, most things we purchase are tax write offs. Interested? Click the link below and join the team. Or explore vacations on my private site with blow out deals.

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