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Meditating With Yemaya Pt 2

Peace LuvBugs. This is part 2 of uniting with Yemaya via meditation. The 1st part talked about the ritual process of the meditation practices we are invoking. I failed to say the original purpose of this ritual. Which is to intergrade the essence of Orisha Yemaya to heal and bless ourselves, our children/family and our Tribe, overall. The says to perform this ritual, it’s best practice to go outside in the moonlight, if possible. Simply because we are all in need of our Mother’s nurturing and loving ways. Even and especially in our adult years.

Yemaya, the ocean/sea Godis has enormous healing abilities, fused to us human-beings via the healing powers of the moon and water. All we need to do to establish the connection is consciously, intentionally and deliberately connect. Periodt! Our New Moon in Leo is happening tomorrow (and Thursday in some locations). This is the perfect ritual/meditation practice to usher in energy that serves the highest and greatest good of the Being practicing the spiritual acts. Let’s continue exploring our souls by diving into our 4th point. Shall we...?

4. Begin Ritual

Light 1 center white candle. Purify it with the incense. Cast a circle and invoke directions/elements/Godises energy. Light blue candles as you call in each direction. East represents Isis, who represents air. She’s the Godis of Magick. Call on her for wisdom. South represents Sekhmet, the eye of Ra. Call upon her creation and destruction. West invokes Brigid who represents water. Call on her for rebirth. North represents Asase Yaa, who represents the Earth. Call on her for nourishment. The center spirit is Yemaya, mother of the sea and moon. Call upon her for healing. Draw down the energy of the moon during this process (which is just the mental act of energetically connecting your personal powers with the moon itself).

5. The Process

Now, it’s time to explore an original meditation, inspired by Yemaya. Imagine yourself standing on the beach during low tide. Watch the tide roll back in. Feel the warm waters of Yemaya touch your toes and rise to your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, fingertips, hips, hands, belly, waist, elbows, chest, shoulders, throat, mouth, nose, eyes and the crown of your head. Stay relaxed and breathe as your entire body is submerged under Yemaya’s healing waters. Feel your body absorb the healing properties. Absorb Yemaya’s qualities of kindness, fertility, compassion and luck. Allow yourself to feel nurtured and mothered. Watch the tide go out. Feel the water recede from your head, eyes, nose, mouth, throat, shoulders, chest, elbows, waist, belly, hands, thighs, fingertips, knees, calves, ankles, away from your toes. You are healed! You are nurtured! You are whole! Conclude your experience by thanking Yemaya for sharing her blessings with you.

6. Concluding Process

Light the other 2 white candles. Use your bowl of water and crystals for water gazing. Place your hands over the bowl. Close your eyes and inhale. Exhale and feel the warmth of your breathe on your hands. Open your eyes. Move your hands to the sides of the bowl and begin to gaze at the water inside the bowl. Concentrate on the water. Let your mind settle. Allow thoughts and images to flow through your mind. You may see a haze of cloudiness from the water. Keep going. Keep breathing. Make no attempts to force images and focus on not changing any of the images you see. But instead, to simply peacefully observe like a fly on the wall. Take mental note of what you see and allow the images to flow freely. Water gaze at least 5 minutes. Write out any thoughts or images in your journal to reflect on later. If the images were positive, use the water for self-blessing or feed to your plants. If the images were negative, flush the water down the toilet immediately post your ritual.

Ok Babes. There you have a 2-part New Moon ritual, perfect for the New (Black) Moon in Leo we have comin, tomorrow and the day after. I’m super excited to publish this blog. Please keep me informed of how this ritual/meditation effects your life after you do it for yourself. My team an I have produced several natal chart reading services. Ideal for resolving any life situation for anyone. The science of unconditional love is ‘bout as official as one can get. Our E-Book, Know Thyself is a 50+ pg virtual booklet, exploring the comprehension of natal chart jargon, comprehension of houses, planets and exploring the affiliated Orisha. Allowing us to make clearer and better sense of this thing called life. Pre-orders are available now. Explore for yourself here:

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