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Blueberry Hill Thrills

This week has felt every bit of a lucid dream while being hopped up on DMT, shrooms and weed, non-stop. Crazy ass psychedelic vision I'm painting right now huh? Yea... Imagine how I feel. People usually say that and it means something heavy. I'm light as a feather. I literally feel free af!

Reflecting back on this week, it all feels like a blur. Which let's me know I've done some mega healing all week long. YaY Me! This week, I had some Blueberry Kush and it was amazing. This was a much more moist strand than the Blue Dream. I also wasn't smoking as heavy as I was on the blue dream. 

All this week, I have truly been focusing on my family. I am also beginning some new partnerships. As a Gemini/Libra/Libra, it's damn near impossible to get me to turn off my mind. All this week, I focused on relaxing and and being present. I'm taking some new courses. My workload is kinda heavy. However, I have managed to learn how to turn away from my workload to breathe into myself or be present with my family and return to my work later.

This week has allowed me to see how my inner child comes out whenever I feel threatened. Which has allowed me to communicate more effectively with my 12 yr old daughter. Small misunderstandings can turn into big blowups super easy during these days. She is manifesting the fear/shame/guilt she experiences. Sometimes, stories of my childhood work for her. Other times not so much. 

We have been doing more heart to heart communicating, which is a big deal for both of us. Gemini's and Virgos, both Mercury ran signs, take numbness to another level. Both me and my daugter's personality take our signs to another level. Especially her, because she's a Virgo moon, sun and rising. Both my daughter and I are the Queens of ignoring what we don't wanna deal with. Her bottom line is she doesn't know herself and she is aggravated. I get that. I know myself better than most others. However, I still feel like a stranger most times. So I get it. I guide my baby to her natal chart. I challenge both her and my son by posting cool info in our family group chat tthat I believe they would enjoy learning. Learning the natal chart as a family has brought us a lot of happiness and peace. We are all better for it.

The natal chart is a part of New Age Science, and it has no required age. It only requires an open heart. Which will lead to an open mind. I show my children who I am on a galactic level. Which allows me to guide them to learn who they are as well. This also allows us to be much closer. All of the drama just kinda fizzles away. We remember who we came here to be and behave accordingly. Which is why this week seems like a mirage. 

This week taught me, yet again, the only real thing is love. Each one of us has a gift. Mine seems to be reminding others of who they are. That used to seem so impossible not so long ago. Simply because I didn't know who I was. I began learning the language of my natal chart and life began to glow. Of course I lead my children down their own path. Meditation keeps us balanced. My son and his dad do maybe 5-15 mins a day (on average). Myah is up to an hour. I fluctuate around 90min-2hr. We are all on our individual paths. Somehow, it's all the same road. So life is gucci and more beautiful than ever before.

How's your meditation game goin? Join me for daily meditations on IG Live. Follow @_HelloMyNameIsAngela and mediate for at least 5 mins. The vid stays up for 24 hrs, so there's no excuse. Meditation is simply the act of turning off your brain, tuning into your breathe and flowing. More meditate-er is better than one. Read today's daily blog and see how meditation can help you through political hardships. It's an energy thang ;)

All this week, you all have seen me spark up my incense, palo santo, tea light candles and weed. Blueberry Kush, it's been a pleasure Boo. For anyone interested, here is some info on the Blueberry Kush strand:

What strand yall puffin on and how does it effect your brain? Comment below n let a Godis kno <3 

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