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Take That in Your Pipe PT1

Peace Stoner Babes, 

How y’all be? It's been a few weeks since we wrote the weed update. Life has been moving so fast, I didn't have time to write. Feel free to explore the Alien Girl World and Twin Flame Journey blogs for detail. Over the weeks, I been puffin on Tangie, Girl Scout Cookies, True OG and Lemon OG. I've had to be higher than high to accomplish the shit I'm accomplishing.

Being on Earth feels like a research assignment, so I'm gonna communicate accordingly. I am greatly conflicted with what's happening on a national and personal basis. I think we are stuck, as a human race. I am disappointed in our choices. Before I go in, allow me to reveal I am coming from a non-bias place on the weekend of a waxing gibbous moon. Which is the type of moon I was born under. I wrote this blog a week ago. The energy has been just that strong that I didn't have the energy to proof read and post. Moon energy ain't no joke.. Click this link to learn more about the moon you were born under:

I am a Gemini sun born in Chicago, Illinois. Gemini represents 2 adolescent twin boys. Boys are the captains of love. Gemini's are naturally detached and hopelessly attached to their version of love and light. Chicago is all about freedom. By any means necessary. My idea of freedom and what society has in mind seems to be extremely different. Still, I see the World in my same freeing light. I've owned responsibility since day 1. I was always programmed to be the alpha female of my life. I practiced my policies on my younger 3 siblings. Although I was very detached, I was hella bossy. I teased my siblings with being dumber than I, which forced them to competitively sharpen their minds. As a result, my siblings and I were nicknamed the Little Politicians throughout our childhood. I genuinely enjoy the nature of debating. However, I despise the nature of arguing. Those energies are different. I only welcome energy that feels good to me. 

I was born into a highly politically aware family. Chicago is run on politics. I know the silent deals between the street dudes and the law. I was the pretty girl that played my role as they confided in me. From being the adorable, helpless child, overhearing conversations to being a therapist for my latest dope boi addiction, I heard from the horse's mouth what reality was about for some I also heard their challenges with keeping it all balanced. I have a curious nature. I just wanted to comprehend how the drug and gang epidemic worked. So I could better comprehend the nature of many men in my family. I personally knew drug dealers and known killers. They were really sweet, to me. Dealing drugs & killing people just seemed to be their job. I never judged them for it. I just remained aware because I was warned of their kind. The hustlers had much in common with the professional business men. Certain people just have a certain energy about them. Just because a vibe is unfamiliar shouldn't mean we can't genuinely bond with it. Even if y'all end up on different vibes. We can journey forward with beautiful energy between us. 

The bond I have with Obama's is a good example. Barack Obama presents himself to be one of the safe guys. Obama is the walking manifestation of so many successful men in my family. In fact, several members of my family canvassed in a variety of places to get a message sent out. My Mom and I brought my daughter to see Michelle Obama before the Presidential race really began. Ahmyah was a sickly baby and cried most of that experience. They say babies cry when they recognize untrustworthy energy. I figured my baby was fussy. Michelle reminded me of my own tall aunt. Michelle is from Chicago, just like my family. They were both hella well spoken and extremely polished and put together. I was grateful to be in Michelle Obama's company. My aunt is my legal and spiritual guardian. My Michelle Obama experience reminded me of the love and admiration I have for my own aunt. Which made the experience all that much richer for me.

People often talk shit about me and my lil life. So you know the streets just wouldn't shut up about the Obama's. I appreciated all the media praise from someone promoted as the 1st black president. But that didn't stop rumors of Obama himself being a crackhead and Michelle Obama being a man.I ignored the constant homosexual and Michelle being Michael rumors until I watched a movie on Netflix called Barry. Click the link to see the promo:

I defended the Obama family like I knew them. Then I started paying attention to all the gay laws that were passed. And the normalcy of homosexuality and transsexuals. The psychology of a young child who is targeted to exhibit homosexual adult behavior based off the food they eat and media they take in.These babies be like 2 or 3 years old, speakin sexually. The programming is in the food, media, video games. The idea of dying is constantly circulating. No one seems to ant to be present. So e complain. Holding on to the past or future. Meanwhile, our present reality, where our life force energy lives, is being robbed from us. I know personally from having a family of children and teenagers. It was nice bragging on Obama's accomplishments. Having a melanin-rich President was dope. However, the storyline of who melanin-rich boys should believe themselves to be is tainted because we are not beginning with honesty.  John Hanson was recorded as a Moore. Obama accomplished many things during his 2 terms. But non of the key ideas I was waiting on. Like laws dealing with police brutality and murders. Honest conversations about the law and what's really going on in the Wizard of Oz themed episode of life we are all living. Obama was supposed to represent hope. How could that be when we are living chattel, unbeknownst to ourselves.I'm willing to have honest conversations with the people who have lived as the powers that be. However, I am no longer willing to put my personal power in the hands of anyone outside of myself.

To add insult to injury and make this political talk come full circle, the uber small melanin-rich community in Las Vegas has to withstand an election where 2 melanin-rich members of the community are running for the same seat in Congress. Blame my 6 retrograde planets, but I think that's shady. Steven Horseford is running as a Democrat. Steven has been influential to the Nevada community. His work with Nevada Partners personally effected me in the most beautiful way. I am the 1 and only recipient of their Paralegal grant, which was covered via UNLV. Because of the way they structured the adult-career program, I was able to simply focus on m studies and actually retaining the information. Although I have worked for him several times, I never got the time to say thank you. Not because I forgot. But because he was just too busy. Rodney Smith is running as an Independent candidate. This feels like an intense pull on my loyalty, because I actually know ROdney. he and my mother headed a weekly luncheon experience in the community called The Gathering. Where they invited everyone to come to lunch and break bread while discussing the low down, dirty truth of all things we felt passionate about in life. I have met some of the most beautiful and influential people through this luncheon experience. I swear, it feels like picking between 2 of the lesser evils, simply because I don't trust politics. Before you judge me, click the link at the bottom of this blog so you can get as high as I be. I believe that what you smoke matters, in matters of perception.  

I appreciate both men running for Congress. Back in 2006 when I obtained my paralegal certification, I was a scared, young Mom. Wondering what to do with the rest of my life. After my Mom bearded witness to me successfully swaying the opinions of our entire deliberation group, she suggested I become a lawyer. I never trusted lawyers. Plus, the 1s I knew were more cunning than intelligent. I came across Nevada Partners when Jon and I 1st started dating. I am grateful for the opportunities I've been afforded through my community. However, it was my destiny to experience what I experienced, exactly the way I experienced it. Going from the corporate offices, pushing papers to knocking on people's doors to remind them of the power of their voice may seem hella regressive to some. It has been every it of perfect for me. Still, I appreciate Horseford's hard work and dedication for manifesting such a program into fruition. So, Steven Horseford, thank you on behalf of the Millennials who have gained a career thanks to the programs Nevada partners has offered the community.

The West Side has always been sacred to me. Our love affair started w/my Chicago upbringing. My Mom was raised out West and vowed her children would live better. So we were raised up North. My Mom would take me to visit my Grandmothers and tell me bits and pieces about her own childhood. Some memories were scary, others were kinda fun. Our upbringings are very different. I often felt detached when visiting out West because their way of living was very different from my own. It was always a matter of perception that separated us.

My perception has healed immensely. I've gone from being the girl many people made fun of to being a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and therefore doesn't allow anything that isn't unconditional love take root inside of her. I enjoy talking to people I would never otherwise talk to. I just finished my partnership with Make It Work Nevada. A organization Erica Washington created. I met Erica Washington through The Gathering. Maybe the genius of Ms. Washington's ideas for her organization was the product the weekly conversation exchanged, over lunch, at The Gathering. The Gathering is a weekly luncheon founded by Rodney Smith and my Mom Angela Thomas. Their idea steamed from them noticing the community needing a safe place to talk about all the craziness of the World. People came from all walks of life. It was incredible to witness, honestly. 

I have much more to say, so stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime, if you too are living ana intense reality you are forced to make peace with, look into these strands and puff away:

Girl Scout Cookies:

Now that that in you pipe and smoke it


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